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August 22, 2012 at 2:10pm


James: why do you think it's gotten so bad? is it just oakland? or are you noticing it more
me: noticing it more
being more angry about it
more in tune with Struggle
i guess?
James: yeah
being more in tune with struggle has made you...what? good things and bad things, but how would you say it's changed you
me: More likely to become flailingly angry for a bit
James: but also better as a citizen?
me: and more likely to think about how this rage is a shadow of what other people experience
James: do you think it's possible to have the latter without the former
me: oof
not really?
James: i used to agree
lately i'm not sure
me: not everyone has the energy or inclination for constant rage
James: it's useful to a lot of people--not all people, but a lot--to treat yourself behavioristically when it comes to these things
to decide how you feel based on how how you feel makes you behave
since what you care about is less your image of the world--your particular shadows on the wall--and more your effect on it--the shadow you cast
if rage helps you move mountains, the rage is all ultimately worth it
but if you're not a mountain mover, or you could do more good in something where rage isn't an asset, as much...then the behaviorist answer would be to seek a POV that reduces the rage
all this is so easy for me to say.
but we shouldn't drown under the weight of our perceptions, ever


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